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The first thing we do after acquiring a valuable item is to go looking for ways to protect our investment and to make sure that we'll enjoy it for a long time to come. In the case of a valuable piece of equipment, the most effective solution is to obtain a high-quality mobile hangar. Thanks to their lightweight construction and easy assembly, hangars can be moved as needed or used on a seasonal basis only.

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From rowboat to airliner

For most people, a hangar is a garage for an airplane. That is correct, but not entirely. A tarpaulin hall, the most common option for building a parking space for an aircraft, can be used to provide a roofed shelter for essentially any item, in both the civilian and military contexts. SVITAP's mobile halls are routinely used to provide shelter for agricultural machinery, military equipment, boats, private aircraft, airliners, and trucks.

Why chose a SVITAP hangar

Unique solution customized to your needs and requirements

Stable frame and high-quality sheathing

High resistance to the elements

Stable frame and high-quality sheathing

Before the construction of a hangar begins, the design is prepared in consideration of any requirements you might have, including consultations with SVITAP experts. A hangar can have an arched or a rectangular shape. SVITAP uses PVC sheathing. The steel or aluminum frame is covered by a special long-life PVC that is resistant to the climate elements and UV radiation.

Your hangar can be fitted with internal thermal insulation. Another option is a hangar with solid sheathing made from sandwiched panels or trapeze sheet metal – variants with and without thermal insulation.

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Prefabricated storage hangars can be modified after their construction to meet the user's current needs. A hangar can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled, increased or reduced in size, and adapted to any specific requirements.

Examples of use:

A hangar can serve as a garage for both large or small machines and means of transport. It provides an excellent solution for airline companies, industrial enterprises, and private individuals to store their boat, small sports aircraft, and agricultural or industrial machinery. For maximum comfort, a sliding door covering the entire width of the hangar or a simple roll-down cover can be installed to ensure that all the available space is used and to facilitate the handling of the stored item.

Benefits of SVITAP hangars

  • Multiple applications in civilian and military settings, including aircraft and other equipment
  • No foundations or building permits necessary
  • Easy relocation when required
  • Optional ventilation or thermal insulation, depending on the needs of the stored equipment
  • Optional anti-infra treatment preventing standard detection
  • Translucent without the need for artificial lighting
  • Easy enlargement
  • Large open space without internal supporting columns that prevent movement inside

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