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Riding Halls

The health and welfare of horses are the priority of every conscientious horsekeeper. As the popularity of horseback riding continues growing worldwide, so do the demands of horsekeepers and the facility operators of riding halls.

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Riding halls allow practice sessions in any weather

If horseback-riding practice sessions are to accomplish the intended objective, the trainer and the trainee must conform to the prescribed training routine. Such conditions as scorching heat, heavy rain, or snowstorm are liable to bring training plans to a rapid halt. Because of that, it's important to provide riders and their horses with access to a protected training facility, which allows uninterrupted practice sessions 365 days a year.

Roofed riding halls provide optimal conditions for regular practice sessions, races, and exhibitions. They are often acquired by the organizers of horse races and competitions for the eventuality that adverse weather doesn't allow holding their events, whether large or small, outdoors. Apart from the low acquisition cost of prefabricated halls, another advantage is the possibility to adapt their size to the exact dimensions of a given racetrack or training area.

Why chose a SVITAP riding hall

High-quality materials

Customizable placement of windows

Removable sidewalls

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A pleasant environment is important

SVITAP mobile riding halls are designed to provide a pleasant, comfortable environment for riders and horses alike. Efficient ventilation removes unpleasant odor. Perfect air circulation is aided by windows and a special ventilation outlet. High-quality sheathing and various lighting elements provide an ample amount of daylight. Natural light is complemented by evenly spread, eye-pleasing lighting that does not cast sharp shadows. Another important factor is a pleasant stable temperature during both the winter and summer seasons.

Numerous options are available to customize the riding hall to your individual needs. Most customers use the option of removable sidewalls that allow connecting the riding hall to an adjacent field or stables. In addition, the flexible design allows installing windows in any location, as long as permitted by structural constraints.

Steel or aluminum frame?


Aluminum is used if durability, low weight, and appearance are the priority and when the hall needs to be erected fast. Assembling an aluminum frame takes considerably less time than erecting a frame made from steel.


Steel is the right choice in case that high rigidity is required. In areas with frequent and abundant snowfalls, a steel frame is the right choice.

A prefabricated riding hall can be installed anywhere

Made from textiles, riding halls are mobile structures that can be built within a very short time. No building permit is required for erecting a riding hall, which means that there is no red tape, and the building process is very fast. A riding hall can be built on grass, on gravel, and on other surfaces. SVITAP riding halls require no foundations and can be relocated, disassembled, and reassembled.

Benefits of SVITAP riding halls

  • Can be built on almost any surface
  • Concrete foundations are not necessary
  • No building permit required
  • Optimal light conditions
  • Optimal air ventilation
  • Removable sidewalls
  • Can be relocated
  • Optional enlargement

Still unsure?

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