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SVITAP prefabricated sports halls provide roofed protection for the majority of common sports. Compared to inflatable sports halls, prefabricated halls have lower operating costs, a longer lifespan, and better utility parameters.

Sportovní hala Šapito (exteriér)

Year-round operation in any weather

People want to engage in sports at all times, regardless of the weather. However, in such conditions as scorching heat, rain, strong winds, and snowstorms, outdoor sports are out of the question. Because of that, many sports complexes sooner or later decide to acquire a roofed facility – a prefabricated sports hall.

Why chose a SVITAP sports hall

Roofed protection for small sports facilities, large sports centers, and everything in between

Partnerships with experts on relevant sports

Most effective, comfortable, and economical solutions

From tennis halls to golf centers

Prefabricated halls are most often used for such sports as tennis, badminton, volleyball, floorball, and hockey. Thanks to our extensive technical expertise and more than 20 years of experience, SVITAP is able to build roofed protection for small sports facilities, large sports centers, and everything in between, including specific facilities such as hippodromes. During the building process, we team up with experts on the given sport in order to design the most effective and most economical solution that is customized to your needs.

Sportovní hala Dříteč

Function and esthetics

Starting with the design process, we make sure that each SVITAP mobile sports hall has a modern appearance that is harmonious with its surroundings. We want our fabric halls to attract clients both in terms of esthetics and technical parameters. We offer the option of glazed sidewalls and large-size advertisements printed on the entire sheathing or only on a part of it.

Šapito Multipurpose Hall

Virtuální prohlídka sportovní haly Šapito
Virtual tour

Svitavy Winter Arena

Virtuální prohlídka zimního stadionu Svitavy
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Benefits of roofed sports facilities

Our sports halls are designed to eliminate all external factors liable to disrupt optimal conditions for sports. For winter operation, we install a high-quality heating system designed to have maximum efficiency, which is impossible to achieve in inflatable halls. Additional savings can be obtained by the application of special thermal insulation sheathing. To facilitate sports activities during dark periods, particularly on short winter days, special attention is paid to lighting. The quality of light depends not only on its intensity, but also on the color of the light and the location of lighting fixtures.

During the summer, your visitors will especially appreciate the following benefits:

  • Protection from heat
  • Removable sidewall technology that allows sports to be played in fresh air in favorable weather, while an optimal temperature is maintained inside for high-intensity sports performance even during the hottest times
  • Optionally fitted air-conditioning systems that can be used, for example, for playing hockey on a year-round basis
Tenisová hala (vizualizace interiér)

Prefabricated versus inflatable

The cost of operating an inflatable hall is relatively high, because air must be continuously forced inside. Inflatable halls are unsuitable for use in the summer, because air cannot circulate inside, which means that the conditions inside are very humid and not suitable for sports activities.

The fact that inflatable halls must be uninstalled in the spring and rebuilt in the fall every year means that their service life is limited. In addition, the owner needs space for storing the folded hall during the summer. The higher initial investment into a prefabricated hall will therefore be very rapidly recovered, especially thanks to its low operating costs, efficient heating, longer lifespan, and the fact that the sports facility can be used on a year-round basis.


  • Higher acquisition cost
  • Lower operating costs
  • Year-round use
  • Much longer service life


  • Lower acquisition cost
  • High operating costs
  • Cannot be used in the summer
  • Shorter service life

Custom-made sports hall

Thanks to our extensive experience with building sports halls, we offer flexibility and a customized selection of materials, designs, and parameters. With SVITAP, your sports hall will be built by a single contractor, including consultations and customer service. The size and parameters of your sports hall or roofed protection for your sports facilities depend only on your needs and preferences. We will manufacture and build a hall of any size, and if you have special requirements, we have a broad assortment of various accessories

The benefits of SVITAP sports halls include low acquisition cost, a comfortable environment, year-round use, low operating costs, and, no less importantly, an increase in the attractiveness of your facility in both the summer and the winter.

Benefits of SVITAP sports halls

  • Year-round flexible use
  • Removable sidewalls
  • Thermal insulation

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