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SVITAP s.r.o. (logo)


Why choose SVITAP

Company with a long history

We are an established Czech business with extensive experience. We are committed to new trends, and the scope, capacity, and potential of our services place us among the leading manufacturers of technical textiles in the Czech Republic.

Fair and square

We are committed to building trust. Our priorities include lasting partnerships based on understanding, attention to both detail and the overall result, and conformity to clear, functional rules. We love what we do. We do business in a fair and open-minded manner.


Thanks to being a private business, we are able to adapt our portfolio of products and services to customers' requirements in a flexible manner, without protracted approval processes. Our motto is "He that wants, seeks solutions. He that doesn't, seeks excuses."

Support for Team Work

We place emphasis on creating the best possible working conditions conducive to satisfaction on the part of our employees. This way, we make sure that all members of our staff are highly motivated individuals committed to providing you with first-rate products and services.

Are you interested in a non-binding offer for a tent, hall or shelter?

Write to us or contact our dealer.
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