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Multipurpose shelters

SVITAP multipurpose shelters stand out thanks to their premium-quality sheathing and sturdy frames. Multipurpose shelters are simple, sturdy, easy to form into the desired shape, maintenance-free, mobile, and, no less importantly, affordable. A multipurpose shelter costs just a fraction of what building a bricked garage would cost. And there are many more ways in which it can be used on top of that.

Multifunkční přístřešek na veletrhu For caravan

Frame and tarpaulin

A multipurpose shelter has a sturdy steel, zinc-plated frame that is resistant to corrosion.

The tarpaulin is made from a high-tenacity PVC foil. The material is 100% waterproof, and its weight of 630 grams per square meter. It is highly fire resistant and also offers protection from UV radiation. The tarpaulin is sturdy and resistant to tearing, which guarantees a long service life.

A canopy extending from the sheathing removes rainwater away from the shelter to prevent water seeping underneath the shelter.

Why chose
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Unique solution customized to your needs and requirements

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Top-quality materials

Examples of multipurpose shelter use

  • Roofed shelter for automobiles, RVs, motorcycles, 4-wheeler ATVs, and gardening equipment
  • Space for storing goods and materials
  • Shelter for farm equipment, livestock, hay, and fodder
  • Polytunnel
  • Tarpaulin hall
Multifunkční přístřešek rozměry

Modular design

A multipurpose shelter is a modular system that can be increased or decreased in size by adding or removing 1.2 meter modules.

Type Width (m) Height (m) Length (m)
2 3,6 2,4 6
3 5 3,4 6
4 5 2,8 6
5 5,5 3 6
6 6 3,3 9,6

Standard colors

Dark green
Multifunkční přístřešek (kotvení)


Anchoring a multipurpose shelter is easy:

  • Coarse-threaded stakes for soft soil and clay
  • Fine-threaded stakes for solid surface and rocky soil
  • Rebar stakes for gravel and asphalt
  • Angles for concrete silos


Multipurpose shelter options:

  • Neither front nor rear walls
  • Either a front or a rear wall
  • Both front and rear walls

Front and rear walls

  • Zipper-closing mechanism
  • Closing using straps and eyelets
  • Front wall can be opened by rolling up the tarpaulin and securing it in position with a strap
  • Enclosed with no opening

Ventilation system and assembly

The window provides ventilation to minimize the condensation of water vapors and to maintain an optimal environment inside. Ventilation openings prevent problems caused by moisture by improving air circulation.

Assembly is easy thanks to the modular design and a complete set of anchoring components. SVITAP provides assembly upon request.

SVITAP provides assembly upon request.

Assembly instructions

Benefits of SVITAP multipurpose shelters

  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Building permit not required
  • Lower cost compared to bricked structures
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Option to print texts and images
  • Mobility (The entire shelter can be relocated after the anchors have been removed.)

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