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Polytunnels and Grow Tents

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is getting more and more popular, both in rural areas and in the city. Gardening is an activity enjoyed by many, and the joy of seeing the fruits of one's labor, literally, is priceless. In our climate, however, growing veggies is no easy matter. One possible solution is polytunnels or grow tents.

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Efficient Growing

Polytunnels or grow tents are generally used for pre-growing and, subsequently, for improving the conditions for growing flowers and plants. Polytunnels create an optimal microclimate conducive to accelerating the growth of seedlings and plants. Their main function is to protect plants from pests, temperature fluctuations, and, most importantly, damage caused by ground frosts.

Besides the fact that homegrown vegetables are healthier, they're much tastier too. Our high-quality polytunnels and grow tents will allow you to make the best of the work you put into gardening.

Why chose a SVITAP polytunnel or grow tent

Sturdy frame

High-quality tarpaulin

Easy assembly

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Frame and tarpaulin

The basic range comprises standardized models. All of them are 3,3 meters wide and come in optional lengths of 3, 4, 5, or 6 meters. All this models are offred with a lightweight aluminum frame and an anodized finish. The frame is sturdy, maintenance-free, and can be easily assembled. 

The polytunnel tarpaulin is made from translucent, health-safe, UV-stabilized, double-sided laminated PE foil with a weight of 135 grams per square meter. The foil is treated with a special ANTIFOG preparation that prevents condensation from dripping onto plants by forcing it to run down the polytunnel's walls. The entrance is fitted with a sturdy zipper or a simple lacing mechanism.

An openable window in the rear wall allows easy ventilation to maintain an optimal microclimate inside the polytunnel. If properly maintained, the tarpaulin has an average service life of 5 years, but some customers only request a replacement after more than 15 years of use.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Another advantage of both polytunnels and grow tents is easy assembly and disassembly. Every year, they can be positioned in a different spot. Unlike greenhouses, they don't require the replacement of soil that has been depleted of nutrients.

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Grow tent – a practical solution

Grow tents, sometimes referred to as small polytunnels, are suitable for installation in small gardens or even for pre-growing plants on your balcony, since our smallest grow tent is less than one meter long. All SVITAP grow tents feature a lightweight, easily assembled, powder-coated frame with a saddle roof. The sheathing is made from a 0.2 mm transparent PVC foil.

Industrial polytunnels

SVITAP industrial foil polytunnels serve for large-scale agricultural production, where they provide an effective, inexpensive solution to protecting plants and accelerating their growth. Industrial polytunnels have a painted or zinc-plated steel frame. They come in widths of 6, 7, 5, and 9 meters. The length can be extended as desired using modules with a length of 1,5 meters. The sheathing is made from a double-sided, laminated PE fabric with a weight of either 135 or 175 grams per square meter. As is the case with polytunnels intended for garden applications, industrial units are made from health-safe, UV-stabilized materials.

Benefits of SVITAP polytunnels and grow tents

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Lightweight surface-treated aluminum frame
  • Tarpaulin treated with a special preparation to prevent condensation dripping
  • Easy ventilation for the maintenance of optimal microclimate conditions
  • Suitable for large-scale agricultural production

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