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You'll feel like at home while vacationing with your recreational vehicle (RV) if you fit it with an extension to significantly improve your comfort and convenience. Every seasoned traveler knows that the RV extension is where the action takes place during most of the day. Accordingly, paying close attention to choosing a suitable extension is a must.

Karavanový přístřešek BERRY


An RV extension is mainly used during bad weather, intense sun, or when your RV is parked at the destination. The extension can be used to more securely store such items as sports equipment, furniture, and other items. Likewise, the extension provides a space for a seating arrangement you'll appreciate when the outside temperature drops.

The extension offers enough room for the whole family, and children can play there during bad weather. Thanks to our extensive experience, we'll provide you with an extension suitable for your RV model. Our products are used by both families with children and traveling couples.

Why chose a SVITAP RV extension

Time-tested product

Heavy-duty build

Highly sturdy fabric

Berry RV Extension

  • Canopy material – PES fabric with PVC coating
  • Sidewall material – PES coated fabric
  • Tubular, zinc-plated frame
  • Sturdy, waterproof, resistant to discoloration
  • Depth 2.4 meters deep
  • Front and side walls can be removed from the canopy
  • One entrance door
  • Both sidewalls fitted with a window, insect screen, outside covers and an entrance door
  • Accessories: stakes, anchoring ropes, wheel and vehicle cover, frame case, curtains and curtain fasteners
  • Optional 240 x 120 cm right-side extension using double keder grooves
Circumference A-B (cm)
711 - 750 751 - 790 791 - 830 831 - 870 871 - 910 911 - 950 951 - 990 991 - 1030

SVITAP possesses extensive experience with manufacturing RV extensions on an OEM basis.

Our RV extensions come in either standard sizes or can be manufactured on a custom-made basis. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a business partnership.

How to measure the length of your RV

Pay close attention to measuring the length of your RV for the purposes of making an extension to prevent future problems and potential extra costs. The correct size of your RV extension corresponds to the circumferential length of your RV measured on one side on the ground along the circumference of the tent rail as far as the ground on the opposite side. The length is stated in centimeters. The figure below shows the method for measuring the length.

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Benefits of SVITAP RV extensions

  • Suitable for any weather, resistant to discoloration
  • Highly sturdy fabric resistant to water and wind
  • Front wall removable from the canopy
  • Sidewalls fitted with windows, insect screens, outside covers, and an entrance door, removable with zippers
  • Tubular, zinc-plated steel frame
  • Depth 2.2 or 2.4 meters
  • Parts available for servicing and replacement needs

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