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We produce tents under the STROMEYER brand


Ideal tent for travel groups, designed for long-term comfortable camping for 6 persons. The tent has two bedrooms, a kitchen niche and a large sun roof. The front wall can be opened on both sides under the sun roof to increase the living space. As a special accessory, an extra front wall can be attached, which hangs under the front of the sun roof and to the open entrance, thus enclosing and increasing the living space under the sun roof. The rear entrance allows perfect ventilation.

The front wall is available as a special accessory, the tent can be delivered without the bedrooms and the construction.


steel 20/1 mm


roof: 100% cotton, 300 g/m2
(water and mold resistant)
side panels: 100% cotton, 300 g/m2
(water and mold resistant)
bedroom: 100% cotton – natur, 190 g/m2
belt around: PVC
floor: PVC


base: 420×420 cm + 150 cm sun roof
base–bedroom: 2×180×200 cm
side height: 170 cm
center height: 210 cm


tent and accessories: 20 kg
bedroom: 9 kg
frame: 31 kg
front wall: 3,4 kg

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