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More and more people want to travel, discover new destinations, combine activities with relaxation during holidays, and, no less importantly, get closer to nature. Camping is the best way to achieve all of that.

Kempingový stan Korsika (380x360cm)

The perfect shelter in the great outdoors

A camping tent is a temporary shelter that comes in various shapes and sizes. Tents are easy to handle, transport, and assemble. They are the ideal solution for an overnight stay outdoors or at campsites.

Do you run a campsite and want to enlarge it by adding several tents? We'll make sure that the new tents have the same size and color design as those already present at your facility.

Why chose a SVITAP camping tent

High-quality temporary shelter

Variable sizes

Fast, easy assembly

Custom design

The tent fabric can be customized by various optional applications, such as flame-retardant, antifungal, or waterproof treatments. Depending on the intended use, a custom tent fabric might be a necessity. In addition, SVITAP tent fabric comes in various designs and colors.

Kempingový stan Korsika (380x300cm)
Kempingový stan Albena

Renaissance of camping sites

Having availed themselves of trips to faraway destinations, many people now prefer the simplicity of vacationing at campsites. The reasons are many:

Escaping stress and everyday worries

Camping reduces stress and promotes mental and physical health. Staying at a campsite allows you to get away from everyday work-related worries, impersonal relationships in the workplace, and the anonymity of the city.

Many adventures in a short time

Camping doesn't mean staying in only one spot. You have the freedom to decide where you'll pitch your tent and what you'll discover while there.

Comfort in various forms

Today's campsites offer a host of comfortable amenities. They include heated restrooms, restaurants offering delicious meals, food stores, and various additional services, such as wellness facilities and the rental of bicycles and other sports equipment.

Active vacation

Your decision to go camping translates into numerous options for holiday activities. Many campsites are situated in gorgeous localities with abundant cycling paths and hiking trails.

Fun for children

Camping is great for kids. They can be turned loose, meet new friends, and spend more time with you. Planning trips, playing games, and singing a song or two around a campfire in the evening guarantees shared adventures that will do wonders for bonding your family together.

New friends

Most camping aficionados are friendly, good-humored people. Owing to their nature and lifestyle, campsite guests smile at each other, talk to each other, and have fun together. That contrasts with staying at a hotel, where anonymity and appearances are the norm, as opposed to getting know people. Because of that and other things, friendships forged at campsites can last a long time.

Benefits of SVITAP camping tents

  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to transport
  • Fast assembly
  • Custom design
  • Flame-retardant, antifungal, and waterproof treatments available
  • Large selection of colors

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