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Adventure, inspiration, imagination. All of that is embodied in a teepee, a large tent used by Native Americans featuring a conical shape, a framework of poles, and a decorative cover. The name comes from the language of North American natives who inhabited the Great Plains and adjacent regions. Originally, the teepee was made from buffalo skin adorned with various ornaments and embroidery. A fire pit was built into the ground in the center of the tent, where an open fire could be kept.

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Flexible size conforming to your needs

The size of your teepee depends on the purpose for which you will use it. A smaller, 3-meter teepee is suitable for children. For other purposes, you can order a teepee with sidewalls up to 8 or 9 meters high. The height of a teepee is approximately equal to its diameter. This is because a teepee has an equilateral conical shape.

The larger models are suitable if you wish to make a fire inside. SVITAP teepees are fitted with flue flaps for the removal of smoke. The teepee is slanted, which means that the rear side of its conical shape is steeper than the front. Pitching a teepee is easy. Three skilled people can build one in as little as one hour. To ensure safety, the teepee fabric is treated to be fire-resistant.

Why chose a SVITAP teepee

Flexible size conforming to your needs

Height from 3 to 9 meters

Fast assembly

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  • Outdoor summer camps
  • Kindergarten grounds
  • Children's centers
  • Camps
  • Rural inns

Building a teepee

The door should be facing east or southeast, as the exit symbolizes the sunrise. Southeast is suitable in Central Europe because of the prevalence of its northwesterly winds. Correct door positioning improves the draft that removes smoke from the fire burning inside the teepee. In addition, a southeast orientation protects the entrance better from wind gusts. Smoke removal can be regulated using the flue flaps.

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Making a fire

A small fire provides sufficient heat and light inside your teepee. The fire pit should be 10 - 15 centimeters deep and lined with stones to contain the burning fire. The pit should be located near the teepee’s center below the opening between the flaps. Dry hardwood is the best choice, because it produces less smoke and flying sparks. All that's left is roasting meat or cooking a stew. Smoldering ashes will keep a pleasantly comfortable temperature inside the teepee throughout the rest of the night.

Your teepee will not only look the way teepees used to back when America was only inhabited by Native Americans, but it will also evoke a sense of adventure and make lots and lots of fun. Who wouldn't want to spend a day and a night or two out there on the prairie?

Benefits of SVITAP teepees

  • Flue flaps for smoke removal
  • Simple assembly
  • High-quality materials
  • Fire-resistant fabric
  • 100% cotton in natural colour

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