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Remember summer camp from your childhood? Did you go with the scouts, was it a specialty camp, or were you there for therapeutic purposes? However it was, the camp sure gave you a chance to experience unforgettable adventures and possibly forge lifelong friendships.

Do you organize summer camps for children to offer them the same amazing experience, too? Are you in the market for a set of campsite tents? You're in the right place!

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The perfect shelter in the great outdoors

A campsite tent is a temporary shelter that comes in various shapes and sizes. Tents are easy to handle, transport, and assemble. A campsite tent is an ideal solution for an overnight stay or for organizing summer camps outdoors. Camps use small tents with wooden walls for accommodation and large military tents that serve as the kitchen and/or the dining hall.

If you organize children's summer camps and need additional tents, we will meet your requirements regarding size and color to ensure that the new tents match your existing equipment.

Why chose SVITAP campsite tents

High-quality temporary shelter

Variable sizes

Fast, easy assembly

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Custom design

The tent fabric can be customized by various optional applications, such as flame-retardant, antifungal, or waterproof treatments. Depending on the intended use, a custom tent fabric would be essential under certain conditions. In addition, SVITAP tent fabric comes in various designs and colors.

Benefits of SVITAP campsite tents

  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to transport
  • Fast assembly
  • Custom design
  • Flame-retardant, antifungal, and waterproof treatments available
  • Large selection of colors
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Still unsure?

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