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SVITAP is one of the world's leading manufacturers of military tents, meeting the most stringent requirements. SVITAP military tents are made from cotton, cotton/polyester, PVC-coated PES, and various other fabrics. Tents used for military purposes are durable and resistant to the adverse conditions in which they are deployed. They are made using premium-quality materials. SVITAP tents meet the strictest requirements for military-grade tents.

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All SVITAP tents feature an ample clearance, which means that they are tall enough to accommodate a standing adult. That makes them the perfect solution for any outdoor application, including camps, recreational facilities, rescue missions, military operations, and humanitarian interventions.

Why chose a SVITAP military tent

Premium quality

Easy maintenance

Durable and resistant to the elements


Examples of use

  • Military operations
  • Medical facilities
  • Field kitchens
  • Summer camps
  • Campsites
  • Festivals
  • Emergencies
  • Shelter at construction sites


The sheathing of SVITAP military tents is made from a wide range of materials that come in various colors and thicknesses, including double-sided polyethylene fabrics with a weight up to 250 grams per square meter, cotton fabrics and cotton and PES blends with a weight from 280 to 630 grams per square meter, and special PES fabrics with PVC coating.

Fabrics used to provide sheathing for military tents fulfill the most demanding physical and technical requirements, including high resistance to humidity, water, and wind. Fabrics used for military tents receive the applicable treatment for the desired purpose. In addition, images and texts can be printed on the fabric in conformity to the strictest requirements for the accuracy of colors.

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Structural design

Steel is the right choice in case that high rigidity is required. A steel frame is a must in areas with frequent and abundant snowfalls. The frame can be zinc plated upon request.

An aluminum frame is used in case that durability, light weight, and appearance are the main priorities. The frame can be treated with an anodized finish upon request.

Easy assembly

Assembling a military tent is an easy task for a team of several persons. Large military tents are usually built to provide accommodation for the number of people corresponding to a platoon. Small and large military tents are supplied with and without flooring, respectively.

Regardless of the intended application, we have the right solution for any purpose for which you wish to use your tent.

Benefits of SVITAP military tents

  • Meet the most stringent performance criteria
  • Sheathing material with waterproof, fire-resistant, and antifungal treatments available
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Option of printed texts and images on the tent sheathing
  • Easy maintenance

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