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Humanitarian Tents

SVITAP manufactures large-size tents intended to be deployed to provide immediate relief during emergencies. In addition, humanitarian tents are often used for outdoor purposes thanks to their specific characteristics. Tents used for humanitarian purposes are durable and resistant to the adverse conditions in which they are deployed. They are made using premium-quality materials. SVITAP tents meet the strictest requirements for military-grade tents.

Vizualizace humanitárního stanu Svitava


SVITAP humanitarian tents are classified as large-size units, which means that they offer sufficient clearance for a standing adult. Thanks to that, the tents can be comfortably used for both humanitarian and any other outdoor purposes.

Why chose SVITAP humanitarian tents


Fast and simple assembly

Professional warranty and after-warranty service

Vizualizace humanitárního stanu Svitava

Examples of use

  • Emergencies and disasters
  • Medical facilities
  • Military operations
  • Shelter at construction sites
  • Summer camps
  • Campsites
  • Festivals

Custom design

All SVITAP large-size tents are easy to assemble. No special tools are necessary for assembly, apart from a hammer. All SVITAP products include a full range of professional services. Our experts will advise you regarding a suitable tent type in consideration of your specific needs and conditions in which the tent will be used. This includes the selection of materials for the frame and the sheathing. We provide a first-class warranty and after-warranty services. If necessary, our customers can use the option of having their tent repaired on a priority basis.

Benefits of SVITAP humanitarian tents

  • Large space
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality materials
  • All-inclusive professional services
  • Warranty and after-warranty servicing

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